Consulting editor(s): Munir Hassan, CMS Cameron McKenna

Publication date: Jan 2014

Format: Hardback

Pages: 260

Price: £128.00

ISBN: 9781905783878

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Wind energy is one of the leading technologies in the drive to increase electricity generation from renewable sources, and presents a vital solution for addressing concerns about sustainability and meeting carbon reduction targets.  Already an industry in its own right, the wind sector faces numerous unique challenges relating to business development, land rights, consenting, contracting, financing and M&A activities.

This title explores and explains the full range of issues encountered in the development of wind energy, providing guidance and insight into the legal and commercial areas of the industry. Both project and transactional facets of the industry are comprehensively analysed, with expert contributors delving deeper into specific matters of key relevance. Topics include the legal, industry and regulatory frameworks involved; consenting; insurance; project financing; power purchase agreements and subsidy arrangements; and geographical analyses that provide a regional overview of wind energy developments on different continents.

As a practical handbook, this title will give readers a firm grasp of the wind energy industry from both a business and legal perspective - a necessity for anyone seeking to develop or invest in what is currently the most credible of the renewable technologies.