Consulting editor(s): Adjunct Professor Eduardo G Pereira and Professor Kim Talus

Publication date: Apr 2015

Format: Hardback

Pages: 200

Price: £195.00

ISBN: 9781909416482

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The second volume... delivers a comprehensive overview of the midstream and downstream phases of the oil and gas industry. In conjunction with the first volume they provide a useful reference point for practitioners and academics interested in this field of the law.

- Dimitrios Arvanitis, City University

The petroleum industry is highly specialised. Over the centuries, it has developed a large number of standard petroleum arrangements and contracts that are not familiar to all across the industry - and even less to the outside world. Each has its own detailed terms and provisions. 

This major work uniquely combines an encyclopaedia with commentary for the entire chain of petroleum activities. The second volume deals exclusively with midstream and downstream activities. The topics it covers include energy policies; the relevant players in the sector - from governmental authorities to national oil companies; gas storage; the regulatory and contractual frameworks governing gas and sales agreements; liquefied natural gas; pipelines; distribution networks; refineries; trading and gas stations. The book also discusses concerns and regulations regarding the environment and taxation. 

This approach enables all those involved in the petroleum industry to master the necessary legal terms in one publication. Both volumes feature chapters by leading experts across the globe in order to provide the best industry practices and standards. 

The encyclopaedia will serve as a valuable tool for lawyers, industry professionals, consultants, academics, engineers and geologists who are interested in understanding the key legal terms and provisions of the oil and gas industry.