Consulting editor(s): Per Vestergaard Pedersen, Lett Law Firm

Publication date: May 2012

Format: Hardback

Pages: 292

Price: £128.00

ISBN: 9781905783564

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I believe it would make a handy and informative reference guide for legal practitioners and financiers. Executives at advisory firms, banks, engineering consultants and mining, shale, oilfield drilling project EPC contractors would appreciate it as well.

- Gaurav Sharma

The book is practical and useful and provides a good basis/introduction for the understanding of the exploration and exploitation of minerals.

- Thierry Lauriol, International Energy Law Review

Minerals and mining are key to the world economy. The mining and processing of minerals are major sources of income and employment in some states. Minerals are used to make goods, materials and energy which are essential to people and economies worldwide.
The exploration and exploitation of minerals, and related technical, commercial and legal matters, are continuously developing. They are affected by scientific and technological advances, and by increasing legal and other requirements. Such requirements relate to health, safety, the environment, climate change and social responsibility, and to a balanced distribution of risks, costs and benefits between mining companies, public authorities and local communities.

This practical handbook describes the main regulations and agreements on minerals and mining activities in a number of significant mining nations. Each chapter - written by leading professionals in the field, including from Allen & Overy, SNR Denton and Webber Wentzel - covers the same topics for ease of reference. Topics featured include international and national regulations and agreements on minerals and mining; legal instruments such as licences, concessions, production sharing agreements and mining development agreements; mining projects and related agreements and financing; mining management and operating agreements; sale and purchase of mining assets; mineral trading; environmental protection and liability; social responsibility; taxation and government take.

Minerals and Mining: A Practical Global Guide provides a practical insight into the regulations and agreements on minerals and mining for practitioners in the field, including lawyers, commercial managers, advisers, engineers and financiers.