Consulting editor(s): Ronnie King, Ashurst LLP

Publication date: Mar 2019

Format: Hardback

Pages: 287

Price: £140.00

ISBN: 9781787422247

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The international energy industry frequently gives rise to complex, high-value disputes.  As economic and commercial circumstances change, joint venture partners may disagree over operations, sellers and buyers may manoeuvre to amend pricing terms and states may seek to improve their take from investment projects.  Any of these outcomes can have significant consequences for the long-term prospects of companies operating in the sector.   
These are just some of the issues covered by this title, which provides a practical, user-friendly overview of the essentials of international arbitration in the energy industry.  Leading practitioners from international law firms and global companies consider, among other things, the effective drafting of arbitration clauses, how to keep international arbitration affordable, gas price arbitrations, EPC and construction arbitrations, investment treaty disputes under the Energy Charter Treaty, third party funding in international arbitration and enforcement of arbitral awards. 
Edited by Ronnie King, Tokyo Managing Partner and international arbitration expert at international law firm Ashurst LLP, this title will be of practical value for all lawyers advising in the energy industry, and for others who have an interest in the important issues discussed.