By Richard Tromans, innovation consultant to law fi rms at TromansConsulting and editor of Artifi


Executive summary 

About the author 


Part 1: Legal AI – Beyond the hype

Chapter 1: Defining legal AI

  • What is AI? 
  • Why is AI so hot right now?
  • Research and legal AI
  • Where does AI fi t into legal IT?
  • Robots in law – A few examples!

Chapter 2: From BI to AI 

  • BI and big data
  • AI’s two-factor authentication
  • The AI of BI – and the BI of AI!
  • Get the BI right first
  • From dashboard to conversation

Part 2: Putting AI to work

Chapter 3: Legal research – Virtual assistants

  • Contract robots – Beyond automation
  • Machine learning… and teaching
  • The conversational assistant
  • Machine learning is at the heart of legal AI

Chapter 4: ‘Driverless’ law – An intelligent platform for legal services

  • Robot lawyers – The legal chatbot
  • From document automation to driverless law
  • Self-driving platforms?
  • Pay-as-you-go AI
  • Narrow AI as a service
  • Corporate legal drives AI as a service

Chapter 5: AI first – Service as software

  • AI as a platform – Riverview Law
  • AI-powered apps – Neota Logic
  • AI collaboration
  • A portfolio approach to legal AI

Part 3: AI giving back – Return on investment

Chapter 6: AI and lawtech start-ups

  • The lawtech start-up phenomenon
  • Global communities
  • Investors and incubators
  • Start-up tips from TrademarkNow
  • Start-up tips from Seedcamp

Chapter 7: AI for good

  • Brainstorming for good
  • Chatbots extend access to legal advice
  • Robot justice

Chapter 8: AI challenges

  • Legal, ethical, and regulatory considerations
  • Implementation challenges
  • Disrupting the law firm value chain
  • Strategic choices
  • Building AI into law firm culture

Part 4: Looking ahead… but not too far!

Chapter 9: Legal AI – Creating the future

  • Can AI drive client centricity?
  • Unleashing the true potential of AI – Building the exponential law fi rm 
  • A global perspective on legal AI

Chapter 10: Robot lawyers – A new chapter in legal IT

  • Beyond the hype – Transforming, but not taking over