Contributing firm Author(s)
The University of Mons Jean-Marie De Corte
  Ludovic Urgeghe
  Marc Labie
Value Focused Consulting Jean-Claude Vansnick
Allen & Overy LLP Atif Hanif
  Melissa Manzo
Clifford Chance LLP Emma Matebalavu
  Hajar Barbach
Ian Callaghan Associates Ltd Ian Callaghan
International Finance Facility for Immunisation Company Marcus Fedder
Micro-Credit Ratings International Limited Malcolm Harper
Microfinance Social Performance Consultancy Sam Mendelson
Microfinance without Borders Phyllis SantaMaria
Microinsurance Research Centre UK Mosleh Ahmed
Reed Smith LLP Ranajoy Basu
Shivia Microfinance Olly Donnelly
University of Greenwich Ana Marr
  Cornell Jackson
Juliette Chapelle Juliette Chapelle
Gujarat Institute of Development Research Tara S Nair
Micro-Credit Ratings International Limited Sanjay Sinha
Angkor Mikroheranhvatho Kampuchea Co Ltd Pete Power
Musoni BV Cameron Goldie-Scot
United Arab Emirates  
Allen & Overy LLP Edana Richardson