This book is useful to lawyers at all levels – whether in a large or small practice. It provides insights and tips for lawyers who, as in many professions, may find the transition from pure practitioner to a manager of others challenging. It will also resonate with anyone in first line management or a newly-appointed leader within any industry or discipline. It is crammed with easy-to-read strategic and operational models. It shows the reality of bringing all aspects of soft skill theory into everyday life and makes it pertinent and relevant. Many office workers, particularly those in technical and highly-regulated areas, would benefit from having a greater awareness and knowledge of how to display softer skills, as well as perhaps “permission” and confidence to do so. This book describes the ‘how’ and the ‘why’ of soft skills. Equally it includes global evidence and examples of ‘where’ in some of its insightful case studies. It has been an honour to provide a small input into the book by way of a behavioural competency model. In our pandemic world we see the need to break down the harsh psychological barriers generated by both physical and technological boundaries. And not just those that have been historically synonymous with the personality types that typically populate the legal profession. This book is therefore timely for any emerging leader as well as those needing to reinvent their skills in response to the evolving climate.

Sue Colton, Occupational Psychologist, Director SJC Consulting London Ltd