Consulting editor(s): Andreas Lachmann - RWP

Publication date: Aug 2007

Format: Hardback

Pages: 453

Price: £128.00

ISBN: 9781905783090

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"A priceless guide for multinational companies"

- Domingos Cruz, Carlos Cruz & Associados

"Very well organized and concise, this publication is intended as a quick-glance resource for those already familiar with the field but who may be looking to engage in work in a different jurisdiction."

- Legal Information Alert , Volume 27 Alert Publications, Inc. Chicago IL

The M&A market is expanding significantly year on year. Due to increasing globalisation, even the business of small to medium-sized companies transcends national borders. In the case of major M&A transactions, the parties involved must generally now comply with the legal systems of several different jurisdictions.

This practical title features 27 chapters by leading experts on the various factors to consider when acquiring a company in their jurisdictions, including the pitfalls to avoid and proposed solutions. In addition to dealing with the advantages and disadvantages of asset and share deals, chapters cover the structure of the M&A agreement, seller's and buyer's liabilities, arbitration agreements, choice of law clauses, and acquisitions of insolvent companies and listed companies.

This book is a comprehensive guide to the legal framework applicable internationally in the field of M&A for companies, banks, private equity funds and private investors and their legal advisers.