Consulting editor(s): Agustí Jausas

Publication date: May 2011

Format: Hardback

Pages: 728

Price: £128.00

ISBN: 9781905783441

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Review for Company Formation, edited by Agustin Jausas: "Company Formation is clear, concise and practical, and offers great value for money."

- Anka Helsen, Manager, Legal Group, Toyota Motor Europe NV/SA

The legal and financial treatment of labour regulation can vary significantly from country to country. An understanding of these differences is of the utmost importance when evaluating the labour implications for any company establishing itself in a new jurisdiction.

This title is the perfect companion to the Globe Law and Business book on company formation (Company Formation: A Practical Global Guide, Second edition). Featuring over 35 chapters by practising professionals, the book provides a succinct overview of the labour regulations in force in a number of key jurisdictions. This is particularly important in this field because of the singularities in the regulation of labour relations that exist in different countries. Topics covered in each chapter include the labour contract, non-compete covenants, changes in working conditions, board representation, termination by both employer and employee, leave and social security, among others.

This book is an essential tool for any lawyer advising clients that are planning to set up in a new jurisdiction.