Consulting editor(s): Agusti Jausas, JAUSAS

Publication date: Nov 2012

Format: Hardback

Pages: 428

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ISBN: 9781905783687

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Real estate regulations vary widely from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. Each country has its own particularities, which are of vital importance in practice. Obligations such as the execution of the agreement before a notary public, compulsory registration of the deed and the inclusion of formal provisions in the deed may determine the validity of the transfer.

A lawyer who is unfamiliar with the real estate regulations in the relevant jurisdiction may assume that a title transfer is valid if the formalities required in his or her home jurisdiction have been satisfied, but in most cases this is insufficient, which can subsequently create problems and conflicts.

This guide outlines the mechanics for real estate transactions in a selection of key jurisdictions, together with the fiscal treatment of the same. It therefore serves as an essential tool for those acquiring real estate in a wide range of countries.