Consulting editor(s): Rachel Booth - Macfarlanes

Publication date: Aug 2006

Format: Hardback

Pages: 272

Price: £134.00

ISBN: 9780954870676

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"It should be required reading for practitioners wishing to get to grips with REITs quickly, in the light of developments in the two largest European property markets."

- Paul U. Ali, University of Melbourne, Journal of International Banking, Law and Regulation Volume 22, Issue 3, Sweet & Maxwell

Since they were first developed in the United States, real estate investment trusts (REITs) have become a global phenomenon, offering tax advantages for property companies who choose to convert to REIT status and opening up large-scale real estate investment opportunities to retail investors.

'Real Estate Investment Trusts: A Global Analysis', is the only volume to cover REITs and significant property funds in 12 jurisdictions.

Written by specialists in this field, each chapter sets out the rules and regulations governing REITs, their tax treatment and how they contrast with other property funds in the jurisdiction. Each chapter adopts the same format for ease of reference, covering key concepts such as tax, investor limitations, distribution requirements, gearing, conversion charge, treatment of offshore investors and related issues.

This major work provides an invaluable guide for anyone dealing with cross-border real estate investment to the local application of REITs in all major REIT jurisdictions and how they differ from other property funds.