Consulting editor(s): Mark Surguy, Weightmans

Publication date: Jul 2021

Format: Hardback

Pages: 293

Price: £155.00

ISBN: 9781787424500

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Key takeaways: 

  • Learn new e-discovery techniques and stay competitive.
  • Offer clients and customers real service in tackling difficult problems.
  • Cut-through the overwhelming amount of data.
  • Give regulators and judicial decision-makers exactly what they want.

The second edition of International E-Discovery, published in association with Legalink, provides an analysis from across the globe of the different approaches to and cutting-edge techniques in the use of digital evidence in legal and regulatory contexts.

Technology specialists and legal practitioners in different jurisdictions come together to explain the latest developments in how digital evidence is collected, interrogated and deployed in response to legal proceedings, regulatory investigations, and in order to comply with organisational requirements. The perennial problem created by the vast volumes of corporate data continues to present a significant challenge around the world whilst at the same time new software is developed and the legal and regulatory systems are more accepting of the involvement of technology in litigation, arbitration and regulatory investigations.

Computer science grounded in statistics invades traditional legal knowledge giving rise to new approaches in legal procedure and outcomes. Effectively bringing together the skills and approaches of two very different disciplines is vital to maintaining a system of proportionate justice.

Leading practitioners who work at the coal face on a daily basis look at professional competency and conduct, privacy laws, judicial awareness, the skilful deployment of powerful search tools and the shape of the future. In this second edition the reader is brought fully up to date with what works and what has failed and where future investment is likely to be needed. This edition also contains expanded geographic coverage with more professional tips on getting ahead with best practice on a country by country basis.

A must-have addition to the seasoned practitioner’s library, a vital read for students and practitioners of the future, and essential background reading for judges and arbitrators, this is both a thought leadership and accessible, practical text that brings together multiple professional disciplines into a single volume.