Author(s): Lynne Bradey, David Coldrick

Publication date: Nov 2008

Format: Softback

Pages: 335

Price: £245.00

ISBN: 9781906355340

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This vital report is the only textbook of its kind for practitioners in this complex area of law. Since 2002 this essential resource has continued to fulfil its promise of:

Enabling compensated persons to understand and obtain the best deal from the means-tested benefits system through the use of personal injury trusts;

Enabling solicitors to unravel the mystique surrounding the foundation and administration of personal injury trusts and to equip them to fulfil their role better for it;

Enabling solicitors to develop compensation protection services to help protect their firms from negligence claims and to improve the bottom line; a

nd enabling solicitors to do these things in as efficient and as practical a way as possible with the greatest amount of professional peace of mind.

The fourth edition has been fully updated to include: The significant changes by the mental capacity act 2005 which came into force fully on 1st October 2007; A revised and expanded property section with specific focus on purchasing property where there is a P I Trust in place or where the Court of Protection are involved; 2008 changes to the care rules and Employment and Support Allowance, which has replaced Incapacity Benefit for new claimants; Plus, new and up-to-date precedents. It is vital that every lawyer doing personal injury compensation work should have a copy of this book on their shelves to enable them to give truly comprehensive advice as to the final process in achieving compensation.