Consulting editor(s): Paul England - Taylor Wessing

Publication date: Oct 2014

Format: Hardback

Pages: 385

Price: £138.00

ISBN: 9781909416284

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Patent Transactions in the Life Sciences is designed to provide guidance on the structure and detail of those agreements in the life sciences sector that are based on its most important assets - patents and know-how. As a companion to Intellectual Property in the Life Sciences, it is intended to cover the practical what, where, why and when of patent transactions in this sector, under the leading legal regimes.

The book explains the rights that underpin life sciences transactions and describes the architecture, features and purpose of those transactions. It covers issues from the basics of a licence and assignment to complex agreements. The book also explores the types of deal that commonly feature in the industry at the corporate level and how patents fit in. Associated issues of licence disputes, competition rules, securitisation, insolvency and taxation are also examined.

This guide will be a valuable resource for lawyers, in-house counsel and other professionals advising on transactions in the life sciences industry, particularly where they have global reach.