Author(s): Catherine Alman MacDonagh, JD

Publication date: Jun 2014

Format: Softback

Pages: 140

Price: £68.86

ISBN: 9781783581115

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There is no denying that the legal profession has been through an unprecedented period of change.

Alternatives to the traditional — in terms of service providers, business models, workflow systems, delivery vehicles, pricing strategies, and so on — are becoming normalized. An excellent example of this is business process improvement.

For a profession suffering from aggravated clients, shrinking revenues, competitive inertia, archaic business practices, and system waste, the continual implementation of process improvement strategies (Lean/Six Sigma/Project Management) will be the key to future success.

It is easy to understand, is inexpensive to implement, lowers costs, improves quality, enhances communication, facilitates lawyer training, makes fixed fees profitable, and makes clients happy.

Lean Six Sigma for Law Firms, authored by Catherine Alman MacDonagh, is the first report of its kind to provide in-depth strategic and tactical guidance on the application of Lean and Six Sigma in law firms, the different approaches firms are taking, where to get started, and case studies highlighting the results have been for those who have already implemented it.

This report:

  • Defines Lean and Six Sigma as they relate to the legal profession
  • Highlights the interdependent relationships between Lean, Six Sigma and Project Management
  • Demonstrates the different ways in which Lean and Six Sigma may be employed in law firms

With contributions, case studies and insight from leading law firms, corporate counsel and a wide range of internationally renowned experts on legal process improvement and project management, it also covers topics including:

  • The methodologies and toolkits of Lean and Six Sigma
  • Deciding when and where to start an improvement program
  • Applications, obstacles, benefits and lessons learned
  • Building the business case - the drivers for employing process improvement
  • The use of process improvement to deliver greater value to clients
  • Developing competitive advantages through Lean and Six Sigma
  • Structuring a process improvement program
  • DMAIC - The framework for Lean Sigma in law firms
  • Creating culture of continuous Improvement

This book provides you with the tools and best practices needed to reap the benefits and face the challenges of implementing Lean and Six Sigma strategies in your firm.