Author(s): Kent Schmidt

Publication date: Mar 2021

Format: Softback

Pages: 483

Price: £60.00

ISBN: 9781783584062

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Why are companies so frequently sued in the United States, and how might these business litigation liabilities be avoided through preventative measures and more effectively managed? This book answers those two weighty questions. The central premise of the work is that many costly and protracted lawsuits in the US are traceable to unforced errors companies make time and again. By better understanding the sources of commercial litigation, preventive steps can be implemented, reducing these risks. The author draws on two decades of experience defending companies throughout the US in almost every conceivable type of commercial litigation. He applies a “lessons-learned” approach from these experiences, to examine how corporate defendants can avoid claims by developing and enhancing their litigation risk profile.

The book is written for a diverse audience. The primary intended audience is attorneys who may find it useful as desk-reference for quickly accessing relevant information and issue-spotting for their clients. But the book will also interest any person - lawyer or non-lawyer - whose responsibilities include managing US litigation risks. These persons include those in venture capital, CFOs and other members of management, risk management and compliance professionals, and entrepreneurs seeking to implement best practices as they launch a start-up. Whether as an initial overview of the subject matter or a useful desk-reference, Avoiding and Managing US Business Litigation Risks is an invaluable resource for individuals tasked with addressing this challenging topic.

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