Private Trust Companies is a balanced, thorough and informative canter through the world of PTCs.  The contributing authors are each high calibre private client advisers and this is evident from the quality of their contributions.

While PTCS may appear complex to the uninitiated, this volume explains in clear, concise and understandable terms the reasons why one may use a PTC while ensuring the reader has enough detail to adequately weigh up the pros and cons.  The decision facing potential users of PTCs will often cover practical and emotional areas and this book seeks to address those areas and the challenges that family decision makers will encounter.  There is also a strong focus on the regulatory and legal frameworks in which PTCs operate across a wide range of jurisdictions.

Many of the contributors draw upon relevant case studies and these highlight the issues that trustees must navigate in the delivery of their duties.  This approach is very informative as it provides insight to those who may sit in a different role to the trustee.  Quite often clients and other advisers do not have this perspective and this books seeks to address an often ignored position.

The in-depth approach taken by the publishers in putting this title together ensures that it will become a very valuable reference point for clients and their advisers alike.

Darren Kelland, Hawksford