The book reflects the immense progress of LPM in recent years, with a clear structure and a focus on both ageless topics of methodology and implementation as well as important issues of the day – new professional skills, communication, digitization.

Fundamental considerations like the legal value paradigm or effective leadership are dealt with as well as the interfaces between project management, process optimization and workflow design. The thoroughly easy-to-read chapters also address current developments such as the application of legal design methodology and do not even hesitate to tackle hard and tech-savvy topics like task codes and AI.

An inspiring range of authors pool their wealth of experience from four continents, sometimes visionary, sometimes hands-on. One thing unites all articles of the book, namely and picking up on co-author Anna Marra's contribution: "LPM is extremely addictive."

The consulting editor and the publishing house have succeeded in creating a consistent piece of art, a milestone in the development of legal project management.

Harald Evers, Lawyer (MOOG Partnerschaftsgesellschaft, Germany), LPM-Trainer