A Lawyer’s Guide to Wellbeing and Managing Stress

Author(s): Angus Lyon

A Lawyer’s Guide to Wellbeing and Managing Stress is designed to help lawyers to manage stress. It will help you to understand how to recognise the signs of stress in yourself and others, so that you can take action and manage it before it becomes excessive.

Publication date: Nov 2015
ISBN: 9781783582211
Length: 146 pages
Price: £30.00

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Balanced Scorecards for Law firms

Author(s): John Sterling

Begin utilising a tool that will help you to dramatically improve focus, accountability and execution of strategy within your Law Firm

Publication date: Jun 2009
ISBN: 9781906355555
Length: 80 pages
Price: £199.00

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Beyond Bias:

Unleashing the Potential of Women in Law

Author(s): Patricia K. Gillette, Paola Cecchi-Dimeglio, Audra A. Dial, Cathy Fleming, Carol Frohlinger, Debbie Epstein Henry, Katherine Larkin-Wong, Janice P. Brown, Ellen Ostrow, Ph.D

Beyond Bias: Unleashing the Potential of Women in Law highlights the practical steps firms should be taking to address training, leadership, and retention,  issues of female lawyers and how to start moving the needle. 

Publication date: Jun 2017
ISBN: 9781783582884
Length: 90 pages
Price: £199.00

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Business Development for a New Legal Ecosystem

Author(s): Michelle Murray, Sally Dyson, Debbie Epstein Henry, Pam Loch, Nika Kabiri, Merry Neitlich, Yolanda Cartusciello, Natasha Innocenti, Ian White, Rachel Khiara, Wayne Hassay, Catherine Alman MacDonagh, Julie Savarino, Mary Juetten, Nat Slavin, David Freeman, Bob Robertson, Lucy Bassli, Keri Norris

This book is split into two parts - the first deals with the immediate effects of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 and the ways in which is immediately transformed - and is continuing to innovate - the delivery of legal services.

Publication date: Jul 2020
ISBN: 9781783583980
Length: 202 pages
Price: £235.00

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Career Development for Women Lawyers

Author(s): Bailey Bosch, Rachel Brushfield, Yolanda Cartusciello, Susan Saltonstall Duncan, Rosalie Chamberlain, Debbie Epstein Henry, Joanne Frears, Patricia K. Gillette, Christie Guimond, Clare Harman Clark, Karen Johnson-McKewan, Nika Kabiri, Rachel Khiara, Belinda Lester, Pam Loch, Katherine Thomas, Susan Eandi, Monica Kurnatowska

For women, by women - to help female lawyers progress their careers in an industry still struggling with gender equality.

Publication date: Mar 2019
ISBN: 9781783583669
Length: 174 pages
Price: £99.00

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Compensation Innovation

An In-depth Exploration into the Future of Law Firm Compensation

Author(s): Timothy B. Corcoran, August Aquila, John Chisholm, Paul Lippe, Dan O’Day, Rebecca Holdredge, Arthur G. Greene, Simon Nash, Benjamin Viney, Polina Pavlova, Nina Gray

Thorough and practical advice that will enable firms of all sizes to develop fit-for-purpose compensation systems that can be effectively managed to drive the right behaviors and, in turn, financial success.

Publication date: Mar 2018
ISBN: 9781783583188
Length: 100 pages
Price: £199.00

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Design Thinking for the Legal Profession

Author(s): Catherine Alman MacDonagh, JD, Zena Applebaum, Tess Blair, Rebecca Holdredge, Nicola Shaver, John Alber, Mark Beese, Duncan Hart, Josh Kubicki, Amy Monaghan, Andy Peterson, R. Amani Smathers, Alex Smith, Lann Wasson, Kate White

There has never been a more exciting time to practice law. While artificial intelligence promises to minimize mundane tasks, clients’ legal issues are becoming more complex. But, to successfully navigate these changes, legal professionals must better develop and exercise their creative problem- solving skills. 

Publication date: Dec 2019
ISBN: 9781783583850
Length: 188 pages
Price: £150.00

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Effective Practice Group Leadership

Author(s): Patrick J. McKenna, Susan Raridon Lambreth, Jack Bostelman, Heidi K. Gardner, John Sterling, Colin Jasper

Effective Practice Group Leadership examines the demanding role of the practice group leader (PGL) in law firms today

Publication date: Sep 2017
ISBN: 9781783583027
Length: 106 pages
Price: £249.00

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Future Law Firm Business Models

Author(s): Michael Roster, Patrick J Lamb, Matthew Kellett, Scott Mozarsky, Chris Howe, Robert Millard, Jason Moyse, Rachel Khiara, Rachel Brushfield, Jae Um, Tony Young

An in-depth look at the trends and future developments that will fundamentally change the legal market.

Publication date: Dec 2018
ISBN: 9781783583584
Length: 126 pages
Price: £149.00

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Future Proofing Midsized Law Firms:

A Guide for Strategic and Innovation Leaders

Author(s): John Alber

Consultants who prowl the corridors of Midsize law firms have been offering gloomy advice for years. “Merge, grow, or die,” they say, as though there are only three alternatives for any business in this market that wishes to prepare for the future. The gloom has sharpened since the Great Recession.  Some pundits are now predicting that by 2035—in roughly 15 years—more than half of the traditional law firms in the Midsize market will no longer exist. Despite such pronouncements, however, the Midsize segment had its best year in a decade in 2018. 

That one good year notwithstanding, many Midsize firms are feeling the pressure. While Big Law firms crow about their commitment to innovation, most Midsize firms are still trying to figure out where they fit in the new legal landscape that is taking shape. Some have embraced the “merge, grow, or die” dictum, and are busy trying to expand in some manner. Many others are still studying the problem and taking the first tentative steps—appointing committees, for example, or designating partners to lead their efforts. The key descriptor for much of this activity seems to be innovation—hence, we see the multiplication of innovation committees, innovation partners, innovation initiatives, etc.

Publication date: May 2020
ISBN: 9781783583935
Length: 158 pages
Price: £199.00

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Horizon Scanning:

Modernizing Legal Service Delivery

Author(s): Patrick J McKenna, David Kerr, Jon Whittle, Jason P. Williams, Wayne Hassay, Nathan Cemenska, Merry Neitlich, Jerry Rosenthal, Lucy Endel Bassli, David Galbenski, Mary E. Juetten, Paul Williams

Horizon Scanning: Modernizing Legal Service Delivery takes a look at the ways in which the delivery of legal services might change in the foreseeable future, bringing together the advice of leading industry practitioners and consultants who scan the legal horizon for indicators of change, offering their predictions, and sharing experience and practical guidance to help law firm leaders prepare for what is coming up next.

Publication date: May 2020
ISBN: 9781783583959
Length: 136 pages
Price: £199.00

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Human Capital in the New Legal Ecosystem

Author(s): Michael Roster, Jon Whittle, Jennifer Johnson, Erin Meszaros, Susan Saltonstall Duncan, Bree Buchanan, Renee Branson, Lauren Stiller Rikleen, Clare Harman Clark, Chris Marston, Chris Boyd, Allison Blixt, Jullia Carretta, Timothy B. Corcoran

Examining the impact and effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on legal personnel, and the strategies law firm leaders need to consider and adopt to thrive in the new legal ecosystem that will follow.

Publication date: Sep 2020
ISBN: 9781783584000
Length: 124 pages
Price: £141.34

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Innovations in Legal KM

Author(s): Oz Benamram, Hélène Russell, Jack Bostelman, Chris Boyd, Mark Gediman, Harriet Creamer, Andrea Miskolczi, Cyndi Murphy, Cynthia Brown, James Loft, Kathy Skinner

An exploration of the endeavors of various law firms - the problems they have faced, and the solutions they have developed - to improve their KM processes, and, ultimately, their bottom line

Publication date: Dec 2017
ISBN: 9781783583126
Length: 116 pages
Price: £149.00

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Innovations in Legal Project Management

Author(s): Aileen Leventon, Meredith Wise Mendes, Randall Brater, Katie Heilman, Byron S Kalogerou, Dennis J White, Todd Hutchison, Thomas Agostinelli, Kathleen Thompson, Kevin Bielawski, Lann Wasson, Sam Davenport, Brian Fanning

Harnessing legal project management as a strategy that is explicitly aligned to a law firm’s or legal department’s business objectives and culture.

Publication date: Oct 2018
ISBN: 9781783583522
Length: 102 pages
Price: £149.00

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Lawscape 2025:

Defining the Law Firm of Tomorrow

Author(s): Thomas Berman, Patricia Wheatley Burt, Bob Murray, Alicia Fortinberry, Phyllis Weiss Haserot, John Alber, Eric Hunter, Rohit Talwart, Joanna Goodman, Jack Bostelman, Chris Boyd, Douglas McPherson, Ian Turvill

Lawscape 2025: Defining the Law Firm of Tomorrow is an exploration of the biggest innovations, strategies, and disruptors that are set to change the face of legal practice. 

Publication date: Mar 2017
ISBN: 9781783582785
Length: 166 pages
Price: £249.00

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Lawyer Health and Wellbeing:

How the Legal Profession is Tackling Stress and Creating Resiliency

Author(s): Bree Buchanan, Emma Jones, Kate Dodd, Elizabeth Rimmer, Lubna Gem Arielle, Matt Dean, Kayleigh Leonie, Richard Collier, Paul Bennett, James Pereira

Recent years have witnessed growing concern internationally in wellbeing and mental health across the legal community, a shift reflected in a host of initiatives, networks, reports and research studies. Changes to working patterns, generational shifts, and an increased interest in overall wellbeing have contributed to a growing movement towards better working practices - across all industries but particularly in high pressure professions such as law.

Publication date: Mar 2020
ISBN: 9781783583904
Length: 152 pages
Price: £90.00

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Leading the Future:

The Human Science of Law Firm Strategy and Leadership

Author(s): Bob Murray, Alicia Fortinberry

Practical how-to advice and guidance on how human sciences are interacting with the different aspects of leading, managing, and marketing in a law firm.

Publication date: Feb 2016
ISBN: 9781783582310
Length: 210 pages
Price: £105.10

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Learning and Development for Law Firms

A Practical Guide

Author(s): Phil Gott

Gain valuable insight into how firms are successfully using L&D to deliver the high levels of performance required to remain competitive in the current business climate

Publication date: Dec 2009
ISBN: 9781906355937
Length: 335 pages
Price: £199.00

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Making Every Six Minutes Count

Author(s): Catrin Mills

Increase productivity, achieve greater success, manage work/life balance and improve profitability through effective time management

Publication date: Nov 2016
ISBN: 9781906355777
Length: 98 pages
Price: £105.10

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Managing Legal Change Initiatives

Author(s): Patrick J. McKenna, Arthur G. Greene, Dr Bob Murray, Andrew Hedley, Neryl East, Duncan Hart, Dr Alicia Fortinberry, David J. Parnell, Carol Mynott, Nick Marson

Managing Legal Change Initiatives highlights the best methods of introducing and managing change in a sector that is known for being averse to it. 

Publication date: Sep 2017
ISBN: 9781783583003
Length: 122 pages
Price: £149.00

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New Directions in Legal Services

Author(s): John Alber, Martyn Caplan, Joanna Goodman, Christie Guimond, Markus Hartung, Debbie Epstein Henry, Fleur Kitchingman, Chrissie Lightfoot, Janvi Patel, Mike Polson, Michael Roster, Richard Tapp, Emma Ziercke

New Directions in Legal Services examines the fast pace of change in the legal services sector, driven in part by new technologies, and considers what the future holds. 

Publication date: Aug 2017
ISBN: 9781783582983
Length: 96 pages
Price: £149.00

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Partnership Agreements for Law Firms, 2nd Edition

Author(s): Nicholas Wright

Understand the practical, regulatory and ethical considerations that must be reflected in your partnership agreement. 

Publication date: Jul 2011
ISBN: 9781907787638
Length: 111 pages
Price: £199.00

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Performance Measurement for Law Firms

Author(s): Alan Hodgart

Increase firm profitability through effective performance measurement

Publication date: May 2011
ISBN: 9781907787317
Length: 91 pages
Price: £195.00

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Rise of the Legal COO

Author(s): Chris Bull, Patrick J McKenna, Blane R. Prescott, James G. Perkins, Alastair Mitchell, Rod Harrington, Sherry Gini, Michael L. DeLargy

For law firms considering restructuring their business to meet the demands of a highly competitive market, hiring an experienced chief operations officer (COO) is sure to be a consideration.

Publication date: Jan 2017
ISBN: 9781783582747
Length: 114 pages
Price: £235.00

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Succession Planning:

Ensuring Smooth Transitions for Lawyers and Their Firms

Author(s): Sandra J Boyer, Kathleen Brady, Hermann Knott, Susan Saltonstall Duncan, Jaap Bosman, August J Aquila, Pam Loch, Veronica Mann, Robert Millard, David Shufflebotham, Zulon Begum, Shelley Dunstone, Ronnie Fox

A successful succession encompasses two core elements: transitioning firm management to a new generation, and transferring client relationships. This title provides guidance not only on how these two transitions can be achieved effectively, from the perspectives of both individual partners and the firm, but also on the plethora of issues involved in preparing for the departure of retiring partners and transitioning in new leadership, including compensation, the role of diversity and inclusion and financial considerations. It also considers situations where more specific and specialised plans may be required, such as managing the succession of a rainmaker or a founding partner.

Publication date: Mar 2022
ISBN: 9781787428393
Length: 120 pages
Price: £149.00

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Tackling Partner Underperformance 2nd edition

Author(s): Nick Jarrett-Kerr, Patrick J. McKenna, Edwin Reeser, Angus Lyon

In depth research, expert insight, and practical strategies for addressing the sensitive issue of partner underperformance in law firms.

Publication date: Mar 2018
ISBN: 9781783583256
Length: 236 pages
Price: £199.00

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The Diversity Agenda:

Lessons and Guidance from the Legal Profession

Author(s): Wesley D. Bizzell, Rosalie Chamberlain, Ruth Grant, Karen Johnson-McKewan, Sharon E. Jones, Charlotte Ogilvie, Todd Sears, Yasmin Sheikh, Daniel K. Winterfeldt

The Diversity Agenda offers effective solutions to those endeavoring to maximize their firm’s potential through the benefits diversification can bring. 

Publication date: Apr 2018
ISBN: 9781783583263
Length: 106 pages
Price: £149.00

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The Human Science of Strategy

What Works and What Doesn't

Author(s): Dr Bob Murray, Dr Alicia Fortinberry

What works and what doesn’t, examining the issues behind each of these questions and how they form the drivers of almost all human decision-making and behaviour.

Publication date: Oct 2019
ISBN: 9781783583829
Length: 110 pages
Price: £29.99

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The Lawyer’s Guide to the Future of Practice Management

Author(s): Simon Drane, Jennifer Roberts, Robert Millard, Katherine Thomas, Clare Harman Clark, Janvi Patel, Arthur G Greene, Zev J. Eigen, Christie Guimond, Langdon Morris, Patrick J McKenna, Michael Roster, Ailish Hogan, Patrick J Lamb, Phyllis Weiss Haserot, Lucinda Troostwyk, Bailey Bosch

Expert opinion, guidance, and market knowledge on what today’s legal marketplace might look like tomorrow.

Publication date: Sep 2019
ISBN: 9781783583805
Length: 174 pages
Price: £80.00

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The Post-Pandemic Law Firm

Author(s): Wayne Hassay, John Chisholm, Stuart Wilson, Patricia Gillette, Yvonne Nath, Mary Juetten, Jon Whittle, Viv Williams, Sally Kane, Debbie Epstein Henry, Ashley Jordan

The Post-Pandemic Law Firm looks at how law firms can make a paradigm shift, adopting an entirely new business model that focuses on providing outcomes, outputs, and results to their clients and internally places the wellbeing of their team as a cornerstone to the future long-term success and sustainability of the legal profession. Chapters include changes to business models, virtual and remote working, how the pandemic has affected women in the profession, the future of dispute resolution, M&A activity and changes to pricing models – all authored by highly respected practitioners in the modern legal system.

Publication date: Oct 2021
ISBN: 9781787428010
Length: 130 pages
Price: £149.00

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