Author(s): Patricia K. Gillette, Audra A. Dial, Nika Kabiri, Natasha Innocenti, Belinda Lester, Debbie Epstein Henry, Rachel Brushfield, Susan Saltonstall Duncan, Pam Loch, Joanne Frears

Publication date: Aug 2018

Format: Softback

Pages: 100

Price: £155.00

ISBN: 9781783583461

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Research suggests that there are gender differences in business development. Regardless of industry, women tend to develop relationships for the intrinsic value of those relationships, while men do so for the potential yield those relationships may bring. Men approach prospects with the goal of obtaining business, whilst women’s goal is to build ties. A gross generalization? Maybe. But the fact is, there are still far more men in partnership and leadership roles than women, and business development - the people you know, your order book, and your ranking within an organization - is key to that.

The book features multiple contributions from women across the globe, looking at the skills and techniques, experiences and talents that female lawyers use to develop their practices and grow their order books, acting as both inspiration and motivation to its readers.

Developing successful, authentic, out-of-the-box business development strategies in a largely male-dominated profession is a challenge for many women lawyers. Where many senior partners have developed business by playing golf or taking their clients for cigars and steaks, women need to find a different way to develop business based upon their own personal interests and strengths.